Canadian Stock Information

The following are a few resources for finding Canadian stock information. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact: Katharine Ball at (519) 253-3000 ext. 3852. Some of the resources are freely available on the web. Others are Leddy Library subscriptions and so, if you are off-campus, you will have to sign on with your University of Windsor ID and email password.

Yahoo Canada Finance
has current and historical stock prices; the historical information often goes back to the mid 1990s; daily, weekly, and monthly prices are included; includes analyst opinions and estimates; has some additional company financial information.

CFMRC TSX Database
has daily (1975 onwards) and monthly (1949 onwards) Toronto Stock Exchange trading information about specific securities; this database does not have current prices; the information is always one year behind; also has data on price adjustments such as dividends, stock splits, re-capitalizations, etc.; has daily and monthly index levels, as well as selected other financial information; covers common equities and preferred equities.

Thomson One
has current stock prices, and historical stock prices back 30 years; the daily stock price information is for the last 5 years.

select News Pages (top banner); contains current and historical stock prices: daily (last 2 years); weekly and monthly (last 5 years); has some additional company and market index information.
has the last month's daily stock prices; some additional company information; also includes analyst ratings and recommendations. If you prefer the print option for your basic stock information, we carry the last 3 months of the print Globe & Mail. You can find the newspaper just outside the Leddy Reading Lounge, 1st Floor Main.

Financial Post Infomart
has summarized stock prices only; however, it contains a wealth of other company and stock-related information, e.g. dividends, new issues, mergers and acquisitions, predecessor and defunct companies.

Compustat (via WRDS)
contains summarized stock information as well as very detailed company financial information.

Toronto Stock Exchange
has a listed company directory for the Toronto Stock Exchange and also the TSX Venture Exchange; gives suspended and de-listed securities; for individual companies has the last month's daily stock prices as well as other summarized stock information, charts, and analyst ratings and recommendations; see also their Standard & Poor's Stock Reports