Business Videos


Are you looking for video footage to liven up your class presentation, or perhaps to illustrate a point in your lecture?

This guide lists a selection of business video sources. Most can now be shown in the classroom without permission, but please be cognizant of copyright law.


Library Catalogue

The Leddy Library has a collection of videos, dvds, and streaming media that can be used on-site, at home, or in the classroom.

To search: use the pull-down menu in the first search box and change the option from All Formats to Videos. Then do a keyword search, e.g. marketing, e.g. wal-mart, e.g. intercultural communication.

The videos and dvds in the main collection can normally be borrowed for 3 days; the education curriculum resource videos and dvds can normally be borrowed for 7 days. Faculty, staff, and graduate students can, however, request a semester loan, if needed. Undergraduate students who require a video for more than 3 days can also be given a longer loan period at the discretion of the Access Services staff. To book a video for class use, please follow these instructions.

Faculty, staff, and students can also order audio-visual equipment through the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

If you would like to have a video or dvd ordered for the Library collection, please contact Katharine Ball at (519) 253-3000, ext. 3852.

Most of the streaming videos in the Business field that are listed in the Library Catalogue, are coming from a collection called Films on Demand Master Academic Collection. You can also browse this database separately. See under the Business & Economics section.


WatMedia Catalogue

This is an online listing of about 50,000 film and video titles held by Ontario universities.

Faculty and staff can borrow these videos through the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)/Leddy Library. You should allow about 2 weeks for their arrival. Currently, students cannot directly borrow videos through CTL, but if a video is required for a classroom presentation, professors can order it on behalf of their students.

As mentioned above, the Centre for Teaching and Learning also provides audio-visual equipment.


Business Source Complete

This general business database includes roughly 60 videos from the Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series. Go to Browse Business Videos (right-hand side) and type: Harvard in the search box.


Free Online Videos

There are, of course, many other educational institutions, media organizations, etc. that post free online business videos, so if you do not find anything in the sources below, try a general search engine such as Google Video. Google Video also covers mega video sites like YouTube.

ECorner: Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Corner: a free archive of entrepreneurship resources for teaching and learning. There are over 2,000 videos and podcasts in the following broad categories: creativity and innovation, opportunity recognition, product development, marketing and sales, finance and venture capital, leadership and adversity, team and culture, globalization, social entrepreneurship, career and life balance. You can either browse or search for videos, and either view them online or download them.

MIT World Videos: an open-access site with thousands of online videos; user the search box or browse the videos by channels, e.g. business and management, entrepreneurship, innovation, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, etc.

London Business School Video And Audio: includes audio podcasts and online videos with a European perspective. Browse under Faculty and Research. has a large number of mostly free videos drawn from live events, lectures, and debates at universities, think tanks, and conferences. Browse under Business, or use the search function.

CNBC Video Gallery: hundreds of videotaped news stories and interviews are available online under the categories: U.S., Europe, Asia, CEOs, and Analysts. You can also use the search function.

BNN Business News Network: Canadian news stories and interviews from the past year.

Wall St. Journal Video: short news stories and interviews from the past year.

Economist Multimedia Library: a mixture of mostly shorter audio podcasts, slide shows, and online videos dating back to 2007.